Dr. Jeyapalan is a renowned authority for consulting services to help design and maintain your infrastructure systems. His expertise in the subject is unusually broad and rather unique – we have an expansive client list. Our services are for hire to assist engineering firms towards meeting their goals for their clients or we offer our expertise directly to their clients. We often work for contractors, law firms and agencies.

Writing ASTM Standards and Cigre’ Guides; NSF 61 Certification

  • Writing, balloting, resolving negative votes, rewriting and proofing a number of ASTM standards in optical fiber cables in existing pipes performing other functions, optical fiber sensing systems, pipeline repair technologies.
  • Writing Cigre’ guides on the use of tunnels and bridges for multiple functions.
  • Obtaining NSF 61 certification for clients.

Investigation Services

  • Investigation of the causes of failure of HVAC pipes carrying super heated steam, high temperature hot water and chilled water at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Campus.
  • Investigation of the failure of pvc water line using Certa lok joints in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Investigation of the causes of problems and design of remedial measures of excessive deflection of 84 to 108 inch welded steel pipelines at Scott Candler Water Filtration Plant, DeKalb County, Georgia.
  • Investigation of causes of failures of PCCP of TRWD and introducing acoustic pipe monitoring technology developed by Will Worthington for long term monitoring, which was acquired by PPIC.
  • Investigation of the explosion and fire from Kinder Morgan Jet Fuel Line next to the construction of an 89 inch water main in Walnut Creek, CA.
  • Investigation of Causes of Failure of 120 inch water line in Boston on May 1, 2010 leading to the loss of over 65 million gallons of water and boil water alert for 2 million residents.
  • Investigation of potential underwater sediment flow slides and its consequences on 6 of 48 ft diameter tunnels at Tarbella Dam, Pakistan.
  • Investigation of underground pipeline failures in Sacramento, CA, Dallas, TX, Lafayette, IN, Saudi Arabia, San Francisco, CA, San Diego, CA, Chattanooga, TN, Portland, OR, Rochester, NY, Bakersfield, CA, Atlanta, GA, Boynton Beach, FL, Milwaukee, WI, Reno, NV, Eastchester, NY, etc.
  • Investigation of causes of leaks at wet taps and line stops on the RCCP pipeline at the Eastchester Delaware Pump Station project, New York.
  • Investigation of failures of a water main and a 128,000 volt cable in the same trench.
  • Investigations of potential flow failures of copper tailings dams in Chile, phosphate tailings dams in Florida, and thickened bauxite mine tailings dams in Canada.
  • PCCP investigations in Texas, New Jersey, California, Arizona, Florida, Saudi Arabia, and several other locations.

Market Studies and Analysis

  • Tunnel and Shaft Impact Analyses for the Washington DC Clean Rivers Project to Protect Critical Pipelines Carrying Water and Sewage.
  • Market studies on pipeline integrity assessment and rehabilitation for the water, wastewater, oil, gas, and products pipelines in USA.
  • Market research studies for the pipeline construction and renovation industry.
  • Market research studies for the blowers and industrial fans industry.
  • Helping COADE of Caeser II to recognize that the way they model soil behavior and soil-pipe interaction effects is over-simplified and assisting them with an outline of how to improve these options with better soil models.


  • Evaluation of large diameter pipeline materials for the Asian Development Bank.
  • Evaluation of 156 inch diameter fiberglass pipe for Medina Yanbu Desalination Plant in Saudi Arabia.
  • Evaluation of pipeline materials for the Asian Development Bank.
  • Evaluation of building foundations for bearing capacity and settlement.
  • Evaluation of static and seismic stability of embankment dams and slopes.
  • Evaluation of contamination at industrial sites and its impact on groundwater.
  • Geotechnical, hydraulic, structural, seismic and corrosion evaluation of 3 large diameter water supply pipelines for the City of Portland.
  • Review and interpretation of pipe design using Caeser II on welded steel and fiberglass piping for petroleum and desalination plants.
  • Review of design manuals on gas pipelines.
  • Testing and quality control of fiberglass pipe during production in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
  • Testing and Quality Control of welded steel pipe and coating during production in Adelanto, CA.

Project Consulting

  • Geotechnical work, evaluation of E’, design, and specifications for several major pipeline projects.
  • Several pipeline current condition analyses and design specifications for renovation.
  • Review of Geotechnical baseline reports, designs, corrosion potential, and compliance with AWWA standards and technical specifications of 96 to 120 inch welded steel and pccp pipelines at Catskill Delaware UV facility, New York.
  • Review of Geotechnical baseline reports, designs, corrosion potential, and compliance with AWWA standards of 144 inch tunnel pipeline and serving on the Technical Advisory Board for Brooklyn to Staten Island replacement inverted siphons, New York.
  • Review of Geotechnical baselines reports, designs, and compliance with ASTM standards of 9 different 36 to 108 inch sewer pipeline designs for Clinton CSO project by cut and cover and micro-tunneling in Syracuse, New York.
  • Review of Geotechnical baselines reports, designs, and compliance with ASTM standards of 7 different large diameter sewer pipeline designs for New Haven sewer project in Connecticut.
  • Review of condition assessment data for ductile and pccp force mains from Wilmington, North Carolina, checking pipe designs for compliance with AWWA standards C 150 and C301-304 and recommending rehabilitation programs.
  • Review of Geotechnical baselines reports, designs, and compliance with AWWA standards and technical specifications of HDPE road crossings at Collier County pipeline, Florida.
  • Global review of Pipeline inspection and transport technologies to do condition assessment of 7.5 mile long 42 inch PCCP force main that cannot be taken off service for Little Rock Wastewater Utility, Arkansas and doing remedial plans to increase flow capacity without causing failure of the pipeline.
  • Technical Advisor to General Telecommunications, Inc. in Anchorage, Alaska to build FTTH using existing rights of way and underground conduits.
  • Value engineering of San Diego’s Rose Canyon 96 inch sewer design and specifications.
  • Value engineering of several buried pipeline projects around the globe.
  • Member of the Value Engineering Team for the City of Columbus on OASIS 216 inch diameter sewer interceptor project that recommended a deep tunnel option at a cost of $ 168 million compared to the cut and cover option by prime design firm for $ 272 million.

Project Design

  • Design analyses of the bends for the water pipeline relocation for the DC Clean Rivers Project.
  • Natural gas transmission pipe design, bidding specifications, and construction troubleshooting.
  • Design of water crossings for natural gas pipelines.
  • Design of high-pressure welded steel oil pipeline in permafrost in Kuparuk, Alaska.
  • Columbia Slough consolidation conduit design with 144 inch pipes, Portland.
  • Columbia Slough outfall project design, Portland.
  • San Diego’s first microtunneling project design specifications, and construction monitoring.
  • San Diego’s first directional boring project design specifications.
  • QA/QC procedures for fabrication and testing of welded steel pipe, coatings, and linings for pipes in sizes 36 to 144 inch.
  • San Diego County’s 96 to 120 inch pipeline 4 extension design, specifications, and construction monitoring that resulted in over $ 20 million in construction cost savings by implementing site-specific E’ values using a baseline geotechnical investigation.
  • Deployment of optical fiber networks in existing pipelines.
  • San Diego’s Bonita pipeline design, specifications, and construction monitoring.
  • Design and repair of oil and gas pipelines in Alaska.
  • Designs using soil-structure interaction of numerous buried structures, and pipeline projects.
  • High-pressure 84 inch penstocks inside of existing outlet tunnels.
  • Twin 108 inch Siphon penstocks over existing embankment dams.

Engineer Training

  • Training of water, sewage, oil and gas pipe design engineers from 1984 till 1997, every single year through seminars taught in hotels throughout the world titled “Recent Advances in Pipeline Materials, Design, Construction, and Rehabilitation.” And again from 2008-to date.
  • Training engineers from Saudi Aramco in Dubai and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Training engineers from Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Saudi Arabia in Al Jubail for 3 weeks on Design, Manufacturing, Testing, Installation, and Operation of Fiber Glass Pipelines.